Infidelity Investigations

Deciding to conduct an infidelity investigation to determine if your spouse is cheating is an emotional event one and you need an experienced investigator to get the job done right the first time. Often, the evidence obtained is not used in a court of law but nonetheless provides answers to difficult questions that can affect your family in profound ways. Matrimonial investigations require a thoughtful and insightful approach. Our experienced private detectives are your source for truthful information. Please call 800-585-0871 for a free telephone consultation to learn how the professionals at Cyber Investigations can help you get the answers you deserve.

Our clients often have many questions on how to proceed when they believe their spouse has betrayed them. Their questions include:

I’ve never done this before. How does your office handle an infidelity case?

First, we listen to your concerns and suspicions and provide our expert opinion based on the facts as presented. This can be accomplished at our office, at a location of your choosing, or on the telephone. We take detailed information about the situation and people involved.

Then, your goals and expectations are discussed and we clarify if your objectives are realistic. Next, we formulate a preliminary budget and an investigative plan that identifies the focus and scope of our inquiry, which is done with an eye toward reducing costs when possible.

Thereafter, a retainer agreement is prepared. The retainer agreement is our contract for investigative services and it includes a general outline of the investigative plan and approximate costs of the investigation, along with the expected payment terms, hourly investigative rates and anticipated expenses. The investigative plan may include surveillance, hidden camera technologies, GPS technology, forensic evaluation of electronic devices (smart phones, notebook computers, etc.) and or other methods of investigative inquiry.

After being retained, we prepare for the investigation by organizing and reviewing data that will assist us as we implement the investigative plan and move toward achieving your goals. If the strategy calls for conducting surveillance, in consultation with you, we determine the most cost effective time to follow the subject(s). We then conduct surveillance of the subject of the investigation using videotape to document their behavior.

How much will the investigation cost and how much of a retainer fee to you need?

The amount of the retainer agreement and overall cost of the investigation will depend upon a number of factors including:

  • Your overall budget
  • The scope of the investigative plan (surveillance versus alternate investigative techniques)
  • The amount of information you know about the subject’s schedule
  • How active the affair is
  • The amount of “free time” the subject has to “cheat”
  • The surveillance challenges that are presented, which is based on a number of factors such as location, density, mode of transportation, etc.
  • How many investigators are needed in order to effectively obtain the necessary evidence to prove the case.

We typically request a retainer equal to the projected total costs to fund your investigation. We prefer to communicate information to our clients as often as possible during the course of an investigation when

this contact will not compromise the case. Unfortunately, we find that some clients may take advantage of having the results of the investigation without completely paying for the information, which is why we have implemented our full funding retainer policy.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept checks, cash, and all forms of major credit cards.

How does evidence of infidelity support the legal aspects of my case?

  • Determining that marital assets have been diverted for use by or to support a girlfriend/boyfriend or diverted for later use
  • Documenting that children may be exposed to an unfit person or situation
  • Documenting harassing behavior committed by a paramour against the client or client’s family
  • Providing documentation of the affair publicly in the divorce complaint regardless of a legal need
  • Judges are people too and maybe influenced by evidence of outrageous behavior which might also effect your spouse’s credibility before the court
  • Obtain early evidence of the affair for later use in a co-habitation case
  • Documenting the affair for use in establishing the level of Pendente Lite alimony if assets have been diverted to support the affair.

Can you tap my spouse’s phone or put a listening device in their car?

No, we can not. The surreptitious recording of any conversation where at least one party to the conversation has not provided their consent is illegal under New Jersey law, Federal Law as well as most other state laws unless a warrant or court order has been issued allowing the conversation to be monitored or recorded. By using an experienced and ethical investigator, your case will be documented in a legal manner where the evidence acquired can be used in a court of law if necessary.

Can you get my spouse’s cellular telephone records and text messages?

No, we can not. Obtaining this information through the use of a source or pretext is illegal in New Jersey. However, in certain circumstances, your attorney can subpoena this information from the telephone carrier. We can help you to legally identify the names of persons associated with telephone numbers if you have obtained the information directly from your telephone bill. This type of “intelligence” is often very helpful in conducting a successful investigation.

What do I receive when an investigation is completed?

If requested, we provide a detailed report of our findings together with a DVD copy of all video tape evidence obtained. We produce quality reports that include embedded video still images of pertinent events. We take great pride and care in the professional preparation of our investigative reports. Please understand that we also bill for our time to prepare our reports and reproduce the video evidence that we acquire.

We also provide a detailed invoice which includes a breakdown of all the time spent on your file including expenses and mileage charges. If the balance of your account is less than the retainer provided, we issue a refund check to you as well – unless otherwise noted in your retainer agreement.

Regardless of why you choose to conduct an infidelity investigation, you can be assured that your case will be handled by a professional investigator, in a confidential, non-judgmental and considerate manner. The principals of Cyber Investigations and our employees and support staff have the skills and experience to help you get the answers you need in a cost effective and timely manner. Please call 800-585-0871 to schedule an appointment with our office or for a free telephone consultation.