Financial Investigations

•You have obtained a large judgment against a debtor; how do you collect your money?
•You are planning on going into business with a partner; how do you find out if they have “financial skeletons” in their closets?
•You are contemplating expensive litigation against an adversary but how do you know if the defendant has assets that can be attached?
•Your former spouse owes you child support; how can you find their assets?

These are some of the questions we provide clients answers to on a daily basis. Whatever your situation, the principals at Cyber Investigations have been providing their clients with expert asset and liability searches for decades. Our asset searches may include the following areas of investigation:

General Background Information Research – Data is developed or confirmed which includes the subject’s name, social security number and date of birth verification, and or development of identifiers, alternate SSNs used, alias names used, current address, address history, spouse’s information, relatives and associates who have lived with subject. In certain cases, business or employment information is revealed.

Real Property Identification - including primary residence, vacation properties, investment properties as well as timeshares. We provide an equity estimate based on market conditions and mortgage and lien data.

Vehicles – Ownership information is developed for cars, trucks, boats, vessels, aircraft, snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, quad-runners, wave runners, jet skis, trailers, construction equipment, landscaping equipment, etc.

Employment – The subject’s employer can be located for wage garnishment executions and salary information can be subpoenaed to prove income. “Off-the-books” employment can often be documented through surveillance and other methods.CyberInv_callus

Business Information - Research can be conducted to determine if an individual is self-employed or an officer in any public or private corporation.

Bank Account Information - The location of potential liquid assets and bank accounts maintained by the debtor can be identified for further review through the legal process and use of subpoenas. This research is “Gramm Leach Bliley” compliant. The GLB Act provides protections against obtaining personal information through false pretenses or by using pre-texting methods.

Liability Research/Civil Litigation - An evaluation of liabilities including loans, notes, mortgages, liens and judgments can be made which assists in making an informed decision to move forward with litigation or not. Civil litigation inquires are also conducted to determine other cases a subject may be involved with. Research and analysis is conducted in states where subject has been known to reside or work in order to identify cases where the subject has judgments and pending civil suits as plaintiff and or as a defendant. We also conduct research to locate bankruptcy filings, Uniform Commercial Code filings, liens and foreclosures.

Credit History Review – This search can be conducted with the consent and signed release of the subject of the inquiry. We will review and analyze information contained in the credit report for employment, debt level, banks subject does business with, available credit, current balance of mortgage for equity assessment, lease information on vehicles and or business related lines of credit; liens and judgments.

We also use other investigative techniques to identify assets including a review of subscription based media services for subject’s name, business, or property, as well as social media web sites, and deep source Meta searches. In one case, this research allowed our investigators to identify an expensive yacht (not registered to the subject, but nonetheless owned by him) that had been stolen and taken on a joy ride. The “owner” was identified in the news article which led to the identification of this large and previously unknown asset.

Other avenues of investigation may include a review of the subject’s home and or office refuse which often reveals substantial leads in determining asset information. This type of research has been invaluable in levying upon high dollar judgments.

Finally, in high profile or high dollar judgment cases, surveillance often provides great insight into a subject’s day-to-day activity leading the investigators to additional or unknown asset information including banking relationships, business connections and real estate.

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