Cyber & Forensic

Our expert forensic team can conduct evaluations and investigations in the following areas:

Cellular Telephone Examinations – We extract all data from the cell phone including retrievable deleted text messages, photographs and videos. An examination report is then prepared which provides a breakdown of the all the information contained on the phone. This information includes contacts, text message logs (possibly including deleted text messages), photographs and deleted photographs, Call Logs, emails maintained on the phone and websites visited. We can also test your device to determine if there is spy ware installed. We can also conduct examinations of tablets and Ipads. Examinations can be conducted on all Apple Products and Android phones.shutterstock_164217368

Computer Forensic Examinations - A forensic image is taken of your computer’s hard drive to preserve the information for potential legal purposes. We identify and recover digital data contained on the hard drive. We then make an analysis of the data as dictated by the client’s needs. Information that has been purposely deleted can be recovered and evidence that certain activity occurred on a computer can also be obtained.

Internet Stalking and Digital Harassment – The investigators at Cyber Investigations receive many calls from clients who are being harassed by someone on line or through other digital means. We conduct an analysis of your situation and put together an investigative plan to help resolve and put an end to cyber stalking situations.

Identify Theft Issues – When your identity has been compromised, our office can help identify what happened. An investigation of the facts surrounding your situation can be performed and the information developed can be used to prove to law enforcement and creditors that your information was stolen. We can often obtain evidence that law enforcement can use to identify the criminals behind these attacks.