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Business Background Profiles – Due Diligence Inquires

To see the future of a potential business relationship, you need to examine the past. If you are partnering with another business entity or if you are an investor who will provide funding to an individual, a new business venture or existing business, it is imperative that due diligence be conducted on the principals and business in question. Do not rely on past relationships and promises or information provided by your potential new partner. It is absolutely necessary to study their past. It will no doubt define their future performance and the potential for success or failure of your investment.

Our due diligence experts know exactly what information to review and we do far more than just look upon the surface. We conduct in depth inquires to uncover information about the subject’s background they may have intentionally failed to disclose. In order to properly vet each subject, we utilize subscription database services, open source material, media, court records and other Internet resources to locate data.

We study their personal and corporate financial situation; we identified and review background of their previous and current partners; we identify and research the track record of any previous business in which they have been involved. We conduct a complete analysis of any litigation history identified. We often work in conjunction with Forensic Accounting professionals and your attorney to be certain that all inquires we make are well rounded and legal.

Far too often we work with business clients who are trying to recover their investment through litigation after a deal goes bad. When we begin our research, our investigators very often uncover previous evidence of fraud or evidence of an unstable financial history. Our clients always say the same thing; “If only I had this information before, I never would have gotten involved with this....”

Before you make an investment or partner with anyone, retain Cyber Investigations to conduct a due diligence inquiry to protect your company and finances. Consider the following famous quotes about being knowledgeable of someone’s history:

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

Winston Churchill

“History is a vast early warning system.”

Norman CousinsCyberInv_callus

“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”

Aldous Huxley, Collected Essays

“The history of ... each individual’s experience, [is] sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.”

Mark Twain

Employment Termination – Walkout Services

Terminating a high level officer or an employee who has the ability to damage company assets can have disastrous results for your organization. Our agents can provide general threat assessment of the situation and employee’s background. Once the decision has been made to immediately terminate an employee or corporate officer, our professional agents are used to monitor the termination process. We then professionally escort the employee from the area while securing company property such as computers, data, vehicles, etc.

We can have a professional male or female agent at your location with very little notice and if necessary we will liaise with local law enforcement if a general threat assessment has revealed the potential for violence.

We also provide covert or overt facility monitoring to safeguard against the return of a potentially violent employee. Further, we have provided surveillance services of potentially violent employees so their whereabouts are known and their actions are documented. From the intelligence developed from the surveillance, more informed decisions can be made for the future security plan. For example, a terminated employee who visits an employment law specialist would be considered less of a security risk than one who visits a gun show shortly after termination.

Please call 800-585-0871 for more information about our termination services and general threat and safety assessments.

Fraud – Embezzlement – Theft – Diversion

Nothing affects a company’s bottom line more than fraud committed against the organization. Our investigators have years of experience in detecting, identifying and proving corporate fraud and theft. We work closely and take great measures to contain the investigative process to those who truly “need to know.”

By conducting a thorough interview process of management, we develop an investigative plan designed to identify who is potentially involved in the fraud, how the fraud is being committed, and the extent of the fraud perpetrated against the company. Through observation, surveillance, interviews and interrogations, hidden camera placement, forensic evaluations, GPS tracking technology and other investigative techniques, we gather evidence to expose and document those involved.

Our investigators can also work with your company to determine the best course of action after the fraud has been uncovered. Whether the matter is referred to law enforcement or to your corporate counsel, the evidence adduced by our agents will be legal, clear and convincing to further the goals of the organization.

If you believe your organization has been the victim of an internal or external crime, theft or fraud, please call us at 800-585-0871 so we can help you resolve the issue and return to profitability.