Adoption Investigations


Adoptees searching for their biological parents or family often face what seems like an impossible mission.  Adoption investigations are typically an emotional journey filled with uncertainty for the client.   Our team of  researchers and genealogists have successfully worked with hundreds of clients over the years to locate their birth-parents and birth families.

When consulting with clients who were adopted and are looking for a biological parent, we critically analyze known clues and provide an honest assessment for the possibility of success.  Identifying the adoption agency and obtaining all of the information maintained on an adoption is critical.  We’ve had great success using what seemed liked inconsequential information to locate biological families of adoptees.

In one such case, we had a potential last name and city for the birth-mother.  From the background provided by the adoption agency, we also knew the birth-mother had twin brothers.  The adoption took place more than twenty years prior, so the surname of the mother had no doubt changed through marriage.  Using the information available, we were able to locate the twin brothers which led us to their sister, who was our client’s birth-mother.  This case was closed in four hours – before databases ruled the investigative world.

Our principal, Desiree Lemieux Murphy takes a multi-tier approach to these often frustrating inquires. She begins by analyzing what the client has already done so those location efforts aren’t replicated, unless something was missed or done incorrectly.

Next, traditional investigative techniques are employed in an effort to locate your birth-father or birth-mother.  Depending upon the quality of information available to work with, it is possible to achieve a result within a few hours or days.  If the case information does not produce viable leads, we move on to the next investigative phase, which involves collecting your DNA and beginning a genealogical investigation.



Conducting DNA based genealogy research can be time consuming and complex. However, in addition to learning about your genealogical make up and history, it is possible to identify blood relatives who can lead us to your birth-parents.   We conduct genealogical research based on information obtained through your DNA profile and we analyze data in an effort to locate your direct family members. Genealogy databases are growing exponentially as the cost for processing and analyzing DNA are reduced.

The final stage of these emotional journeys involves making contact with the birth-parent(s) or other living family members. We take great care to confidentially communicate with the identified party and determine if they are willing to meet you.  In most cases, birth-parents are excited at the prospect of a reunion; however, this is not always the case. You need to be prepared for the possibility that your birth-parent is deceased; not willing to meet you or denies a connection to you.  Keep in mind that we have also reunited our clients with their natural siblings or half siblings in cases where the birth-parents are deceased.

With emerging technologies – both informational and DNA based, along with changes in law, we will guide you toward finding an answer to what is probably the most significant search of your life. Don’t delay – the answers you seek are waiting to be found.

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