Accident Investigations

Witness Interviews


Whether you are a plaintiff or defense attorney, knowing what “really happened” and having all the facts for your case is vital for successful litigation or settlement of an accident case.  Our investigators have the ability to quickly locate and speak with witnesses in a manner that puts them at ease.  Some witnesses don’t want to get involved or can become uncooperative.  We develop a rapport with a witness enabling them to talk with us so we can take the necessary time to gather all relevant information. Many investigators make the mistake of interrogating a witness, when a conversation is needed. Typically, we prefer to meet with a witness face to face; however, if the case budget does not allow for that much time, a telephone interview can be conducted.

We evaluate the credibility of each witness and can also conduct background investigations to determine if there are any undisclosed conflicts or links to the plaintiff or defendant.After conducting an in-depth witness interview, we typically draft a formal statement and or provide a detailed overview in a report to be used in support of the litigation.

We have investigated hundreds of personal injury matters including slip and falls, motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, industrial accidents, product liability matters, boating accidents and medical malpractice cases.Let our experienced investigators locate and professionally interview those people who have the information you need to get the best results for your clients.

Locating Witnesses


There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing a witness has information to help your case, but can’t be found or won’t cooperate.  The more time that passes after an accident occurs, the more difficult it can become to locate a witness. Memories fade and people move on. It is also common that inaccurate or partial information is gathered about a potential witness at the scene. Similarly, witnesses often regret having provided their names and later do not want to cooperate.

We specialize in locating people using limited information.  We will exhaust every legal means possible to find someone within the confines our client’s budget.  We also have great success in talking to seemingly uncooperative witnesses and convincing them to help.  We educate them on the process and provide realistic expectations of the amount of time and commitment needed from them.  Finding common ground and making a witness feel comfortable is a skill that our investigators have acquired and one that enables us to obtain information from a witness where others have failed.

Photography, Videographer and Audio Services

Our photographer has ten years of experience using professional Nikon equipment.  In the context of litigation support, we offer the following services:

  • Forensic Crime Scene & Accident Scene documentation
  • Documentation of Injuries
  • Documentation of damage to vehicles or objects involved in an accident
  • Enlargements of photographs for trial presentation
  • Photoshop Enhancement
  • Enhancement of photographs taken by consumer grade cameras
  • Video duplication services
  • Video to DVD duplication services
  • DVD duplication services
  • Audio duplication services
  • Digital audio duplication services

Accident Reconstruction ExpertsCyberInv_callus

We work very closely with several of the very best Accident Reconstruction Experts in the industry.  We will refer your case directly to an expert that has the expertise and ability to provide important evidence that will help lead your case toward a successful settlement or verdict.

Service of Process (Difficult or Emergent)

Certain defendants and witnesses who are uncooperative or who have information they do not wish to divulge, often attempt to dodge service of process.  This tactic is done to frustrate and delay litigation or can be an attempt to have a civil case dismissed for lack of prosecution.  Often times it is unknown where the defendant or witness actually live.  After properly locating and identifying the subject to be served, a plan is devised to surveill the subject until such a time that they are away from their home or business and have let their guard down.

The service is often simultaneously documented using hidden video and audio so no misrepresentation can later be made by the party receiving the Process of Service.  Our investigators are well trained and have knowledge of the prevailing laws and appropriate fees that are required.  This allows us to avoid improper service such as using a ruse to effectuate service, untimely service, serving the wrong person or entity, and avoid accusations of trespass, assault and harassment.

Our investigators then provide detailed Affidavits of Service to support our service of process efforts.

We also offer last minute or emergent process service when a deadline is approaching or a Court Order must be served immediately.

Cyber Investigations offers affordable, same day service of process on business entities located in Northern, NJ such as T-Mobile and AT&T both located in Parsippany, NJ.